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Cast Steel Swing Check Valves PN 16 & 25
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23 Mar 2020
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Selling Cast Steel Swing Check Valves PN 16 & 25 cheap in Jakarta
Check Valve is a tool that is manufactured from Italy with 2 standard sizes of holes there are PN16 and PN25

Some specifications of this item:
Body Cover: Cast Stell GS-C25, GP-240-GH
Swing: Cast Stell GS-C25, GP-240-GH
Body and Disc Seat Facing: Stainless Steel
Gasket: Graphite
Pin: Stainless Steel X 20 CR 13
Painting: Nitro Enamel or Epoxy
Check Valves of this type also have several sizes, including 50 - 600 MM (DN)
Face to face length: EN 558-1 serie 48, DIN 3202 F6
Flanges: UNI EN 1092-2 PN 16-25
Installation: horizontal / vertical with down-up flow direction.
APPLICATIONS • Water supply • Pumping stations • Power stations • Industry • Steam • Oil & refineries
- Fig. 192: drilled PN 16 flanges
- Fig. 193: flanges drilled PN 25
Epoxy painting suitable for potable drinking water applications

We are a valve supplier in Jakarta, sell check valve at cheap prices with guaranteed quality. For reservations and further information, please contact us.

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