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Valvotubi Rubber seated Gate Valve ductile Iron PN 10 dan 16
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23 Mar 2020
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Sell Rubber Seated Gate Valves Valvotubi ductile Iron PN 10 and 16

Gate Valve Valvotubi is a device used as a flow controller in the piping system. Valvotubi Gate seated type Valvotubi ductile Iron PN 10 and 16 are made of iron and the inner cover is made of rubber or rubber.

Specifications of Rubber seated Valvotubi ductile Iron PN 10 and 16:

- Material: ductile Iron
- Valve Valves: Rubber Liner
- Flange: PN 10 and PN 16
- Design: DIN 3352, EN 1074 1-2; Face to face length: EN 558-1, series 14. DIN 3202 F4
- Installation: horizontal or vertical
- Test according to EN 12266-1

For the application of Gate Valve this type is very suitable for use in Water supply, Drinking water, Fire fighting systems, and Wastewater treatment.

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