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Single Ball Automatic Air Valves Flanged PN
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23 Mar 2020
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Specification of

Selling Single Ball Automatic Air Valves Flanged PN

This air valve is an automatic air valve that is used for applications related to air problems in the pipeline. Minimum pressure on the chair: 0.3 bar.

The single ball automatic air valve has two functions :

- Emptying large amounts of air during the filling operation
- Allow air to enter during the pipe emptying operation

In Valvotubi Air Valve has several sizes of Flanged PN, there are PN 10, 16 and PN 25

Some specifications of this Air Valve :

  • Body: Ductile Iron GGG-400-50, EN-GJS-400/500

  • Cover: Ductile Iron GGG-400-50, EN-GJS-400/500

  • Floating Ball: ABS

  • Paking: EPDM

  • Painting: Epoxy

This air valve also has several sizes, given DN 50-200 MM

Installation: at the high part of the pipeline
APPLICATIONS • Aqueducts • Irrigation plants

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