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PT. Tirta Perdana Mandiri is a complete jakarta valve supplier company that provides the best quality cheap valves for the needs of your various industries. Our products have ANSI, JIS, and DIN standards. We provide valve products made from tough materials such as cast steel, cast iron and stainless steel which are indeed much needed for industrial needs. We sell Valve Europe namely Valvotubi Valve which is a valve brand originating from Europe, more precisely an Italian product. Valvotubi provides valves that are widely applied for water needs, from sanitation to water pipelines, drainage and others. Selling Valve Europe with its types including:
- Gate Valvotubi PN
- Butterfly Valvotubi PN
- Check Valvotubi PN
- Check Valvotubi ANSI
- Air Valvotubi PN
and others. Buy through us now at competitive prices for shipping throughout Indonesia for your industrial needs.
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