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Valve PDAM

Complete PDAM Valve

The transmission system in the piping system as in the PDAM is in the form of a pipeline series that flows water from the raw water source to the processing unit and carries treated water from the IPA to the distribution reservoir. Whereas the distribution system is in the form of a piped water / drinking water pipeline that supplies water from the transmission pipeline to the service area in the form of a house connection or public faucet. Our Jakarta valve supplier is the most complete selling valve of PDAM which is a part that is no less important in the piped water system than the pipe itself. Our Jakarta valve supplier cheap selling valve PDAM which is a complete set of clean water pipes with its types:

 - Bulk Valves (Gate Valves)

 - Check Valve

 - Air Valves

And other. Buy this product through us now with the price of PDAM valve that is compatible for your needs.

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